Press Releases


19 May 2016

IEA reacts to High Court ruling on plain packaging

18 May 2016

IEA reaction to the Queen's Speech 2016

28 Apr 2016

New IEA report makes the case for privatising the BBC

6 Feb 2016

IEA reaction to government announcement on 'sock puppet' funding

24 Dec 2015

EU policies hampering UK electricity market

23 Dec 2015

Response to the ECJ rejection of minimum pricing for alcohol

24 Nov 2015

Licensing Act has not had catastrophic effects predicted

3 Sep 2015

ECJ is right to stick to its principles on minimum pricing

6 Aug 2015

New IEA paper identifies the benefits of decriminalising Britain's sex industry

16 Jul 2015

There is no longer a case for the licence fee

15 Jul 2015

New IEA research dispels the myth that government intervention in the sugar industry is justified

13 Jul 2015

Calls to introduce a 20% tax on sugar are misguided

10 Jun 2015

New ASH proposals will bully and impoverish ten million smokers

1 Jun 2015

Government action is responsible for the rising cost of childcare

25 May 2015

New IEA research on Thatcher, and the myth of deregulation

20 May 2015

New IEA paper looks at the impact of Licensing Act over the last 10 years

21 Apr 2015

A swathe of price controls currently dominate the political debate

13 Mar 2015

State bureaucrats cannot determine the price of energy

11 Mar 2015

Politicians are misguided to approve the implementation of standardised packaging in the UK

2 Mar 2015

Liberalise planning laws to boost housing development

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