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31 Mar 2016

NLW estimated to result in the equivalent of 60,000 fewer employed by 2020

2 Sep 2015

The rise of zero-hours contracts is neither surprising nor important

17 Apr 2015

Banning unpaid internships is misguided

17 Mar 2015

Raising the minimum wage will do nothing to help the most vulnerable

19 May 2014

Political interference in wage setting should be avoided

26 Feb 2014

For people out of work, the real minimum wage is zero

16 Jan 2014

IEA response to George Osborne's comments on an above-inflation increase to the minimum wage

15 Apr 2013

The minimum wage is a blunt instrument.

20 Feb 2013

UK has problem with growth and productivity, not jobs

12 Feb 2013

Work schemes are beneficial

23 Jan 2013

Government must press ahead with labour market deregulation

25 May 2012

New member of staff joins the IEA

16 May 2012

The IEA responds to the latest unemployment figures

18 Jan 2012

Mark Littlewood comments on the latest unemployment figures

30 Nov 2011

Mark Littlewood comments on today's strike action

25 Nov 2011

Mark Littlewood comments on the government's newest proposed solution

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