Press Releases


28 Jan 2016

IEA reaction to European Commission's proposals on tax evasion

30 Nov 2015

A response the the Health Committee's call for a sugary drinks tax

25 Nov 2015

Mark Littlewood reacts to the Spending Review

23 Nov 2015

IEA releases briefing ahead of the Spending Review

20 Nov 2015

IEA reaction to latest borrowing figures

4 Nov 2015

IEA releases a new report on a federal Britain

28 Oct 2015

The IEA launches a major new five-year project

4 Oct 2015

An outline of Britain’s 13 biggest economic policy mistakes of the last century

28 Sep 2015

Long-term prosperity will not be secured through higher taxes, higher spending and more regulation

3 Sep 2015

New IEA paper dispels the myth that drinkers are a burden on the taxpayer

4 Aug 2015

RBS should be returned to the private sector as soon as possible

23 Jun 2015

New report debunks the myth that positive social and economic outcomes in Scandinavia are a result of a generous...

11 Jun 2015

Selling RBS back to the private sector is good for the taxpayer

27 May 2015

The IEA respond to the Queen's Speech

26 May 2015

The IEA compile key policies to encourage deregulation, competition and growth

12 May 2015

Mark Littlewood on the upcoming BBC Charter Review

29 Apr 2015

The IEA welcomes the commitment to lower taxes

13 Apr 2015

Reaction to the launch of the Labour Party's Manifesto

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