Press Releases


6 Mar 2016

IEA releases new publication on lessons from the Great Recession

19 Oct 2015

A speech at the Institute of Economic Affairs

29 Sep 2015

Corbyn's strategy of nationalisation, greater government intervention and more red tape will increase the tax burden...

24 Mar 2015

The IEA responds to the latest inflation figures

2 Feb 2015

The SMPC votes to hold bank rates in February

13 Jan 2015

Low inflation rates shouldn't tempt the MPC to loosen monetary policy

13 Sep 2013

Monetary policy and housing policy increasingly conflated

2 Sep 2013

Leading economists critical of forward guidance policy

7 Aug 2013

IEA response to Mark Carney's forward guidance

13 Feb 2013

Bank of England is abdicating its responsibilities

3 Dec 2012

SMPC decides by six votes to three that Bank Rate should be held at ½%

13 Jul 2012

Funding for Lending Scheme will load the risk of private sector bank lending directly on to the taxpayer

2 Jul 2012

The Shadow MPC votes by narrow five to four margin to hold Bank Rate in July

8 May 2012

Motion to raise interest rates narrowly defeated

14 Mar 2012

Philip Booth responds to Government plans for 100-year bonds

18 Oct 2011

Prof Philip Booth comments on the latest inflation figures

22 Sep 2011

Prof Philip Booth comments on the QE rumours

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