Press Releases


13 Sep 2013

Monetary policy and housing policy increasingly conflated

2 Sep 2013

Leading economists critical of forward guidance policy

7 Aug 2013

IEA response to Mark Carney's forward guidance

13 Feb 2013

Bank of England is abdicating its responsibilities

3 Dec 2012

SMPC decides by six votes to three that Bank Rate should be held at ½%

13 Jul 2012

Funding for Lending Scheme will load the risk of private sector bank lending directly on to the taxpayer

2 Jul 2012

The Shadow MPC votes by narrow five to four margin to hold Bank Rate in July

8 May 2012

Motion to raise interest rates narrowly defeated

14 Mar 2012

Philip Booth responds to Government plans for 100-year bonds

18 Oct 2011

Prof Philip Booth comments on the latest inflation figures