Press Releases


20 Oct 2015

The IEA's reaction to the Commons debate on Tax Credits

24 Jun 2015

Ministers should aim to tackle the true causes of child poverty rather than focusing on inequality

22 Jun 2015

Mark Littlewood calls for politicians to be bold, but fair when it comes to welfare reform

6 Mar 2015

Removing the winter fuel allowance for the wealthiest 5% will barely scratch the surface

23 Feb 2015

Universal benefits to pensioners shouldn't be protected

30 Oct 2014

Market reforms are urgently needed to enable the UK's health system to compete on a global level

16 Oct 2014

Reviving contracting-out of the state pension will benefit millions in retirement

25 Sep 2014

Eliminating government intervention in certain areas could make families substantially better off

22 Sep 2014

Politicians have fundamentally failed to grasp the causes behind the cost of living crisis

2 Sep 2014

Mark Littlewood comments on the launch of free school meals in the UK

19 Aug 2014

Dr Richard Wellings responds to announced rail fare rises for 2015

10 Jul 2014

Philip Booth comments on today’s Office for Budget Responsibility Fiscal Sustainability Report

6 Jun 2014

The IEA comment on the IMF’s assessment of the UK economy

29 May 2014

The IEA comment on the proposal to lower the earnings threshold for automatic enrolment in a workplace pension

2 Apr 2014

The IEA releases new research about the minimum wage

8 Feb 2014

Pensioner bonds are nothing more than a political gimmick

8 Jan 2014

New IEA research sets out ten policy recommendations to ease the state pension time bomb

11 Feb 2013

Capping social care is a misguided move

7 Jan 2013

Child benefit changes utterly misguided

22 Dec 2012

A new IEA report looks at why we need to redefine the debate on poverty

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