Press Releases


2 Apr 2014

The IEA releases new research about the minimum wage

8 Jan 2014

New IEA research sets out ten policy recommendations to ease the state pension time bomb

11 Feb 2013

Capping social care is a misguided move

7 Jan 2013

Child benefit changes utterly misguided

22 Dec 2012

A new IEA report looks at why we need to redefine the debate on poverty

26 Sep 2012

The three non-cash benefits to pensioners should be abolished

11 Jul 2012

It is not the role of government to be providing loans to people secured on their property

17 Apr 2012

Hon Joe Hockey, Australian Federal Shadow Treasurer, speaks at the IEA

2 Nov 2011

Prof Philip Booth comments on the government's latest pensions announcement

14 Oct 2011

Received in the 'Free-market solutions to poverty' category

11 Oct 2011

Mark Littlewood comments on the IFS's latest findings

17 Jun 2011

Prof. Philip Booth comments on Public Sector Pension reform

10 Mar 2011

Prof Philip Booth comments on Lord Hutton's proposals

20 Jan 2011

New research from the IEA released

12 Nov 2010

The IEA proposes a solution that would simplify the benefits system much further

7 Oct 2010

Peter Tompkins and Prof. Philip Booth comment on Lord Hutton's interim report

19 Jul 2010

Responding to David Cameron s speech on the Big Society Mark Littlewood calls on the Prime Minister to outline what...

7 Jul 2010

The Public Sector Pensions Commission, set up by the IEA and other organisations, launches its report

21 Jun 2010

Philip Booth responds to John Hutton's appointment to the government s pensions commission

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