Shadow Monetary Policy Committee votes six/three to raise Bank Rate by 1⁄2% in April

SMPC votes 6-3 to raise rate by 1/2%

In its most recent poll, which was finalised on Tuesday 1st April, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (SMPC) decided by six votes to three that Bank Rate should be raised on Thursday 10th April. This time, all six SMPC members who voted for an increase wanted to see a rise of 1⁄2%. Unlike in previous months, nobody advocated a ‘compromise’ 1⁄4% increase in April. This more hawkish stance was partly to compensate for past delays in raising rates. However, one third of the IEA’s shadow committee still wanted to hold Bank Rate at 1⁄2%.

There were a number of reasons why a majority of the IEA’s shadow committee wanted a Bank Rate increase. One consideration was the belief that the home demand recovery had advanced far enough – relative to weak potential supply – for the need for ‘emergency use only’ interest rates to have passed. The twin deficits on the balance of payments and the government’s fiscal position were seen as imposing further limits to monetary stimulus, if market confidence in British government securities and sterling was to survive. Potential destabilisers included the political uncertainties over the next year or so and the disappointing progress with respect to fiscal retrenchment. Most comments on the March Budget welcomed the liberalisation of personal pensions. However, public borrowing was expected to come down more slowly than the Chancellor expected, even if current policies were persevered with after the May 2015 election. Several SMPC members expressed concern about the apparent slowdown in the annual growth of M4ex broad money since mid-2013, even if some recovery was apparent in the February 2014 figure.

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