SMPC votes by six votes to three to leave Bank Rate unchanged - October 2010

SMPC votes to hold central bank rates at 0.5%

Following its latest gathering, the Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (SMPC) voted by six votes to three to leave Bank Rate unchanged at 0.5%, when the Bank of England’s rate setters gather on Thursday 7th October. All three SMPC members who desired an increase voted that Bank Rate should be raised to 1%. The majority on the SMPC who wished to hold Bank Rate did so for several reasons. These included: the continued de-leveraging of private-sector balance sheets; the associated slow growth of broad money and credit, and concern that fiscal tightening in the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review would reduce activity. There was also a worry that the international recovery was running out of steam and that this would weaken UK export demand.

A number of considerations explained why three members of the shadow committee thought that a higher Bank Rate was needed. One was that persistent stubborn inflation could lead to a loss of central-bank credibility and an upwards ‘gear shift’ in inflation expectations. Another was the disconnection between Bank Rate and commercial banks’ marginal funding costs, which meant that Bank Rate risked becoming irrelevant. There was also concern that ‘big-government’ policies had reduced aggr