SMPC votes to hold Bank Rate

SMPC votes 7-2 to hold rate

Following its most recent quarterly gathering, held at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) on 10th July, the Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (SMPC) decided by seven votes to two that Britain’s Bank Rate should be held at 1⁄2% on Thursday 2nd August. Both dissenters wanted to raise Bank Rate by 1⁄2%. There was a range of views with respect to the efficacy, as well as the desirability, of the additional £50bn of quantitative easing (QE) announced on 5th July. Two shadow committee members supported this move, another pair thought that QE would work better if the range of assets was extended to include more private debt, one did not want to see the extra £50bn implemented, and four were reasonably agnostic on the issue, while advocating QE in a lender of last resort situation.

More generally, there was a widespread view on the SMPC that, under the current unusual circumstances, small changes to Bank Rate, had the power of a rifle, and QE was the equivalent of a large bomb, but financial regulation had a destructive potential akin to that of a tactical nuclear weapon. The committee argued that the policy inconsistency between over aggressive financial regulation and the need to stimulate money and credit creation – to get the real economy moving – was more than cancelling out the stimulatory effects of the 1⁄2% Bank Rate and £375bn of QE.