SMPC votes to hold Bank Rate - April 2011

SMPC votes 5/4 to hold rate at 0.5%

Following its latest gathering, the Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (SMPC) voted by five votes to four to hold Bank Rate at its present ½% when the official rate setters meet on 7th April. All four dissenting SMPC members wanted to raise Bank Rate to 1%. There were several reasons why the majority of SMPC members wanted to leave Bank Rate unaltered. One was concern that the UK economy would struggle this year as increased taxes and high energy costs damaged household budgets. A second justification for a rate hold was the continued weakness of the banking sector. This meant that there was little elasticity in the supplies of money and credit. A third reason was the potentially malign effects of government spending cuts and increased National Insurance  Contributions on employment. Finally, there was concern that the political turmoil in the Middle East and the tragic events in Japan would adversely affect the global economic environment.

The main reason that four SMPC members wanted to raise Bank Rate to 1% was the persistent overshooting of the inflation target and the fear that this risked undermining the credibility of the entire monetary framework. Another issue was that accelerating inflation meant that real interest rates were negative and falling. This was unfair to savers but also inappropriate now that the worst phase o