Monograph publications

John Hibbs
15 Apr 1993

Depoliticising the transport sector

Alan Evans
15 Jul 1988

The devastating economic impact of planning controls

Brian Griffiths and Hugh Murray
15 Jun 1985

Reform plan would have several beneficial results

John Burton
15 Oct 1983

Classic critique of selective government interventions

John Hibbs
15 Sep 1982

A study of the scope for competitive markets in road, rail and air

James M. Buchanan, Charles K. Rowley, Albert Breton, Jack Wiseman, Bruno Frey, A. T. Peacock, Jo Grimond, W. A. Niskanen and Martin Ricketts
15 Nov 1978

Introduction to public choice theory

Lionel Robbins, Charles G. Hanson, John Burton, Cyril Grunfeld, Brian Griffiths, Alan Peacock, Lord Scarman and others
15 Jan 1978

Distinguished economists discuss the impact of organised labour on the British economy

Brian Chiplin, John Coyne and Ljubo Sirc
6 Dec 1977

A critique of 'industrial democracy'

William Rees-Mogg
19 Nov 1977

Overview of the history of monetary theory and its implications for policy

Lord Robbins
23 Oct 1977

How egalitarian policies undermine personal and economic freedom

Milton Friedman
5 Sep 1977

The 1976 Alfred Nobel Memorial Lecture

Barry Bracewell-Milnes, Colin Clark, Walter Elkan, Ivor F. Pearce, A. R. Prest and Charles K. Rowley
15 Jul 1977

Leading economists examine the UK's fiscal policy

Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon
31 May 1977

Celebrating the first 20 years of the IEA

James B. Ramsey
7 May 1977

The severe limitations of macro-economic policy

Colin Clark
16 Apr 1977

How welfare benefits undermine work incentives

David R. Morgan
30 Mar 1977

How the government exploits inflation to hide tax increases

Milton Friedman
27 Jan 1977

Free-market critique of The Affluent Society and other works

Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon
9 Oct 1976

A better way of financing local government services

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