Autumn 2013



Briefing - recommended essential reading. Read the article here.

Getting the measure of the money supply - Tim Congdon. Read the article here.

Sterling Albion - The future of Scotland and the pound - Lawrence H. White. Read the article here.

In the Europe series: How attractive is the Nordic model? - Graeme Leach. Read the article here.

Myth conception: Foreign aid is the key to well-being - Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Coyne. Read the article here.

Idealog: The best of the IEA blog - Philip Booth, Kristian Niemietz, Paul Withrington. Read the articles here.

The long march of the poor... and the decline in global poverty - Steve Davies. Read the article here.

Interview: The rights stuff. How to generate growth and peace in the Middle East and North Africa - Hernando de Soto. Read the interview here.

Campus - The IEA's student programme. Read the article here.

Austerity: A reality check - Andrew Lilico. Read the interview here.

Bad men? Shedding light on the shadow economy - Philip Booth and Colin C. Williams. Read the article here.

Thatcherism: The rich got richer, the poor got poorer? - Kristian Niemietz. Read the article here.

Soundbites - Roger Bate on eco-militants, Razeen Sally on Asia the the middle-income trap and Chris Snowdon on the spirit level delusion. Read the article here.

Last word: The roads the freedom - Mark Littlewood. Read the interview here.

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