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Philip Booth and Ryan Bourne
22 Jun 2016

Leave or Stay: the two best paths to economic freedom

Professor Patrick Minford
7 Jun 2016

Scrap trade agreements to boost free trade

Kristian Niemietz & Richard Wellings
4 Jun 2016

EU transport policies impose heavy costs on taxpayers & consumers for little benefit

Ryan Bourne & Christopher Snowdon
23 May 2016

Myths and bad logic drive obsession with inequality in UK

Philip Booth (Ed.)
28 Apr 2016

Bias, technological change and commercial competition necessitate reform

Patrick Minford & J.R Shackleton ed.
18 Apr 2016

Britain and Europe's Dysfunctional Relationship

John B. Taylor
6 Mar 2016

Stable rules-based policy and nominal GDP targeting could avert another banking crisis

Dr Kristian Niemietz
2 Mar 2016

New IEA briefing identifies causes of housing crisis & suggests solutions

Diego Zuluaga
17 Feb 2016

New IEA briefing explains the economic principles of the sharing economy

Dr Richard Wellings
10 Feb 2016

Abolishing Network Rail could save families £180 each year

Terry Miller & Anthony B. Kim
9 Feb 2016

The twenty-second edition of the Heritage Foundation's popular survey of economic liberty

Philip Booth and Ryan Bourne
6 Feb 2016

Flat-rate pensions ‘tax relief’ would be devoid of any economic rationale

Patrick Minford et al
3 Feb 2016

An Economic Analysis of a Troubled Relationship

Martin Cassini and Richard Wellings
25 Jan 2016

Rip out 80% of traffic lights to boost economy and road safety

Diego Zuluaga
20 Jan 2016

New IEA briefing explains why proposed hire regulation would harm competition

13 Jan 2016

New IEA briefing explains why a sugar tax would be regressive & wrong

Carlo Stagnaro
24 Dec 2015

Don't let the lights go out at Christmas - EU policies hampering UK electricity market

20 Dec 2015

The IEA's 2015 Progress Report