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25 Jun 2012

Have the Liberal Democrats 'reclaimed liberalism'?

Christopher Snowdon
11 Jun 2012

It's time for a radical overhaul of state-funded charities

Deepak Lal
27 Mar 2012

Deepak Lal tackles the hidden roots of our problems in his new IEA co-published book

Dr Eamonn Butler
25 Mar 2012

A primer on Public Choice Theory

Edited by Philip Booth
16 Jan 2012

Wellbeing and the Role of Government

Terry Miller, Kim R. Holmes & Edwin J. Feulner
12 Jan 2012

The eighteenth edition of the Heritage Foundation's popular survey of economic liberty

Robert Barro
12 Dec 2011

The Ongoing Global Financial Crisis and Recession

18 Oct 2011

Why neo-mercantilism is on the rise and why the principles of free trade must be defended

James Gwartney, Robert Lawson, and Joshua Hall
20 Sep 2011

The latest edition of this annual report, published in association with the Institute of Economic Affairs

Eamonn Butler
12 May 2011

A concise guide to the ideas and influence of the free-market economist

Gary S. Becker
13 Apr 2011

How the market could solve this most controversial of issues

Mark Pennington
24 Jan 2011

Classical Liberalism and the Future of Public Policy

Terry Miller and Kim R Holmes
12 Jan 2011

The seventeenth edition of the Heritage Foundation's popular survey of economic liberty

W. H. Hutt
21 Oct 2010

An Essay on the Supposed Electoral Obstacles Impeding the Translation of Economic Analysis into Policy

Eugene F. Miller
16 Sep 2010

A superb analysis of this masterpiece of political economy

John Meadowcroft and Gerard Casey
11 Mar 2010

Free markets both alleviate poverty and empower the poor

Philip Booth and Richard Wellings
15 Dec 2009

An incredible collection which for the first time brings together the IEA's work on globalization and free trade

Robert Rosenbleeth
22 Apr 2009

Free-market blog and think-tank responses to the crash of 2008

Philip Booth and John Meadowcroft
18 Mar 2009

A major new collection of classic IEA papers written by Nobel Laureates

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