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Eamonn Butler
26 Jul 2007

An authoritative, but concise introduction to the life and work of Adam Smith which covers both the Wealth of Nations and his other great works

26 Jul 2007

A beautifully produced DVD which explores the life and work of F A Hayek

10 Jun 2007

Milton Friedman in conversation with Gary Becker in this excellent DVD

Arthur Seldon
29 Mar 2007

A masterly exposition of the benefits of the market system and the deficiencies of the welfare state

F A Hayek
19 Jul 2005

The Reader's Digest condensed version of 'The Road to Serfdom'. Now includes 'The Intellectuals and Socialism'

Anne Carlson
15 Apr 2005

In the 9th IEA Discussion Paper, Jennifer Anne Carlson analyses the myths and realities of private fire protection

Richard A. Epstein
1 Mar 2004

Richard A. Epstein explains how getting the 'easy questions' right may be more important than solving the 'hard questions'

David Franklin
8 May 2003

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Anthony De Jasay
8 Apr 2003

7th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Geoffrey E Wood
1 Aug 2002

A collection of short journal columns which refute some common economic fallacies.

F A Hayek with Edwin J. Feulner. Introduction by John Blundell
1 Nov 2001

The Reader's Digest Condensed Version

Gordon Tullock, Arthur Seldon and Gordon L. Brady
1 Sep 2000
Douglass C North
1 Mar 1999

Short introduction to the New Institutional Economics by Nobel laureate Douglass C North.

James Gwartney and Robert Lawson
1 Jan 1998
David Parker and Ralph Stacey
1 Jan 1998

The best selling IEA title of the 1990s, it applies chaos theory to the social sciences

Terence C. Mills
1 Oct 1992
John Burton
15 Oct 1983

Classic critique of selective government interventions

Steven N. S. Cheung
1 Dec 1978

With a Prologue by Charles K. Rowley and an Epilogue by John Burton

James M. Buchanan, John Burton and Richard E. Wagner
20 Apr 1978

An analysis of the misuse of economic theory for political profiteering

Lord Robbins
23 Oct 1977

How egalitarian policies undermine personal and economic freedom

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