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John Blundell. Forewords by Walter E. Williams and Philip Booth
27 Jan 2015

A commemoration of the life of John Blundell

Terry Miller & Anthony B. Kim
27 Jan 2015

The twenty-first edition of the Heritage Foundation's popular survey of economic liberty

Christopher Snowdon
23 Dec 2014

Debunking a number of myths and straw men which proponents of free markets often find laid at their door

Steven Kates
7 Oct 2014

A revival of the importance of classical economic theory

James Gwartney, Robert Lawson & Joshua Hall
7 Oct 2014

The latest edition of this annual report, published in association with the Institute of Economic Affairs

Geoffrey E Wood
19 Sep 2014

A book that highlights the various mistaken ideas that misinform economic discussion

Roger Koppl
14 Aug 2014

A book about understanding the long economic slump since 2008

Rory Broomfield and Iain Murray, Tim Hewish, Ben Clement, Prof Stephen Bush and Daniel Pycock
8 Apr 2014

The final six shortlisted entries for the IEA Brexit Prize

Stefan Fӧlster and Nima Sanandaji
18 Mar 2014

A book about the compatibility of free-market reforms and electoral popularity

Terry Miller, Kim R. Holmes & Anthony B. Kim
14 Jan 2014

The twentieth edition of the Heritage Foundation's popular survey of economic liberty

David Simpson
29 May 2013

A book on the common principles behind the market economy

6 Nov 2012

Former Senior Reagan economist warns against US stimulus spending

Eamonn Butler
11 Sep 2012

A concise guide to the ideas and influence of the libertarian economist

Nima Sanandaji
27 Aug 2012

New IEA paper demonstrates that Swedish success is a result of the free market and not the welfare state

Steven Horwitz
25 Jul 2012

The causes of the Great Recession lie in misguided government policy, not in the underlying workings of the market.

25 Jun 2012

Have the Liberal Democrats 'reclaimed liberalism'?

Christopher Snowdon
11 Jun 2012

It's time for a radical overhaul of state-funded charities

Deepak Lal
27 Mar 2012

Deepak Lal tackles the hidden roots of our problems in his new IEA co-published book

Dr Eamonn Butler
25 Mar 2012

A primer on Public Choice Theory

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