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Ryan Bourne & Christopher Snowdon
23 May 2016

Myths and bad logic drive obsession with inequality in UK

Dr Kristian Niemietz
2 Mar 2016

New IEA briefing identifies causes of housing crisis & suggests solutions

Philip Booth. With Contributions by Samuel Gregg, Kishore Jayabalan, Robert Kennedy, Michael Miller, Denis O’Brien, Dennis O’Keeffe, Anthony Percy, Robert A. Sirico, Thomas woods and Andrew Yuengert. Foreword by John Kennedy and preface by Leonard P. Liggio.
23 May 2014

A fresh Catholic-Christian perspective on the role of the government and the market

Eamonn Butler
14 Nov 2013

An introduction to the core principles that define a free society

Philip Booth
5 Oct 2010

Modern welfare states undermine human flourishing

Philip Booth
30 Sep 2010

A market economy can nurture good human attributes

Philip Booth
10 Dec 2009

CSR is conceptually incoherent, practically unworkable and wholly unjustified

Elaine Sternberg
22 Feb 2009

Just Business' is a major publication exploring issues in business ethics and corporate governance

Philip Vander Elst
2 Oct 2008

The dangers of too much government power

Richard D North
1 Dec 2007

A very personal defence of mass affluence

Tibor R. Machan
25 Jul 2007

Prosperity should be companies' main objective

Edited by Philip Booth
23 May 2007

A new perspective on how Christians should approach issues of public policy

Edited by Philip Booth
23 May 2007

A lavish hardback edition of this new IEA book which provides new perspectives on how christians should approach issues of public policy

Edited by Digby Anderson
2 Jan 2007

This contrarian book marks the passing of personal virtue and its replacement by political slogans

John Meadowcroft
3 Nov 2005

This major new publication synthesizes the work of liberal scholars into a positive account of the ethics of the market

Frank Furedi
24 Sep 2005

The terms "left" and "right" pervade all our discussions of politics. But do they mean anything any more?

Dennis O'Keeffe (editor)
29 Mar 2005

The moral case for the market economy

Frank Furedi
1 Feb 2005

Frank Furedi explains the essential contribution of intellectuals both to culture and to democracy.

David Henderson
27 Jul 2004

David Henderson examines the role and conduct of business today, against the background of changes over the last sixty years

Professor David Conway
15 Jul 2004

A lucid analysis of the link between nationalism and liberalism

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