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Philip Booth and Ryan Bourne
22 Jun 2016

Leave or Stay: the two best paths to economic freedom

Professor Patrick Minford
7 Jun 2016

Scrap trade agreements to boost free trade

Kristian Niemietz & Richard Wellings
4 Jun 2016

EU transport policies impose heavy costs on taxpayers & consumers for little benefit

Patrick Minford & J.R Shackleton ed.
18 Apr 2016

Britain and Europe's Dysfunctional Relationship

Patrick Minford et al
3 Feb 2016

An Economic Analysis of a Troubled Relationship

Ryan Bourne
11 Mar 2015

New report debunks the EU jobs myth

Ralph Buckle, Tim Hewish, John C. Hulsman, Iain Mansfield, Robert Oulds
17 Feb 2015

IEA presents four possible paths for Britain outside the EU

Edited by Philip Booth
12 Apr 2013

The euro zone as we know it must end or be radically reformed

Christopher Snowdon
6 Mar 2013

European Commission spending millions on pro-EU lobby groups

Roland Vaubel
2 Jun 2009

A groundbreaking analysis of EU centralisation

Piotr Zientara
5 Feb 2009

Liberalisation and political reform are needed in the poorest parts of the EU

Brian Hindley and Martin Howe. Foreword by Rodney Leach
1 Oct 2007

This IEA classic concisely lays out the economic issues that would be raised if Britain were to leave the EU.

Ljubo Sirc
18 Jun 2007

The EU has failed to uphold property rights in Slovenia

Patrick A. Messerlin
26 Apr 2006

Professor Patrick Messerlin plots an economic future for the EU.

Rodney Leach
7 Apr 2005

A guide to what the adoption of the proposed European Constitution will really entail

Professor Patrick Minford
1 Jan 2005

A review of the economic aspects of the UK’s relationship with the EU

Pedro Schwartz
9 Jul 2004

Professor Pedro Schwartz argues that the political implications of the UK joining the euro are more important than the economic implications

Guest edited by Professor Norman Barry
21 Mar 2004

Main articles on The Governance of the European Union, guest edited by Professor Norman Barry

John Blundell and Gerald Frost
26 Jan 2004

8th IEA Discussion Paper

Patrick Minford
9 Sep 2002

the Chancellor's Five Tests Examined

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