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19 Aug 2016

Political intervention in wage-setting risks damaging UK employment

Peter Urwin
13 Oct 2011

How entrepreneurship will drive economic growth

7 Jul 2010

Public Sector Pensions Commission final report

Kristian Niemietz
10 Mar 2010

A critique of the New Economic Foundation's 21 hours report

John S. Heywood and W. Stanley Siebert
30 Nov 2008

Why is retirement so abrupt?

J. R. Shackleton
21 Oct 2008

A new book which suggests that discrimination is not causing the gender pay gap

Guest edited by J. R. Shackleton
26 Sep 2005

Main articles examine the economics of employment regulation, guest edited by J. R. Shackleton

J. R. Shackleton
15 Nov 2002

Professor Shackleton examines the role of employment tribunals and considers whether they can be justified in present day conditions

J.R. Shackleton
1 Jan 2001

A Sceptical Look at the Economics of Skill Provision in the UK

Edited by Colin Robinson
1 Jun 1997

Main articles on The Minimum Wage Debate, edited by Colin Robinson

John T Addison and W. Stanley Siebert
15 Feb 1991
Lionel Robbins, Charles G. Hanson, John Burton, Cyril Grunfeld, Brian Griffiths, Alan Peacock, Lord Scarman and others
15 Jan 1978

Distinguished economists discuss the impact of organised labour on the British economy

Brian Chiplin, John Coyne and Ljubo Sirc
6 Dec 1977

A critique of 'industrial democracy'

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