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John B. Taylor
6 Mar 2016

Stable rules-based policy and nominal GDP targeting could avert another banking crisis

Pascal Salin
31 Oct 2014

Measures needed for responsible monetary policy

David B. Smith
18 Mar 2010

UK's fiscal profligacy is exacerbating the downturn

Geoffrey Wood
24 Sep 2009

How can future economic crises be avoided?

Edited by Philip Booth
12 May 2009

A major new publication which challenges the myths and conventional wisdom regarding the recent banking crash

Lawrence H. White
9 Mar 2009

This classic text has recently been bought back into print

Gordon Pepper
4 Mar 2009

How to cure debt-deflation

George Selgin. With a foreword by Charles Goodhart.
10 Aug 2008

A lively new book which explores a fascinating historical challenge to state control of money

Tim Congdon
8 Aug 2008

A major contribution to the continuing debate on macro-economic policy making from one of the UK's leading scholars. New Paperback Edition.

Edited by Geoffrey E. Wood
22 May 2007

Published by the IEA in association with Edward Elgar

2 Apr 2006

This major title explores a series of issues within comtemporary monetary policy.

Gordon Pepper with Michael Oliver
2 Oct 2005

buy now for £34.99

Tim Congdon
5 Sep 2005

Tim Congdon argues that property and share price booms are caused by loose monetary policy

Alan Budd
27 Apr 2005

Alan Budd examines sterling's ERM exit in the light of the UK's economic performance since 1992. There are also commentaries from Derek Scott, Tim Congdon and Samuel Brittan. The book can be purchased or a pdf can be downloaded below the summary

Otmar Issing
14 Dec 2004

Professor Otmar Issing, a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, assesses the first five years of the euro's life.

John Calverley
1 Oct 2004

A non-technical guide to the economics of boom and bust

Milton Friedman and Charles A. E. Goodhart
17 Apr 2003
Otmar Issing
13 May 2002
George Selgin
1 Apr 1997

The case for a falling price level in a growing economy. A classic title from the 1990s

Forrest Capie and Michael Collins
1 Jul 1992

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