Successes and Failures in Regulating and Deregulating Utilities

The 2004 edition of the IEA's annual survey of the state of utility regulation and deregulation

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This book is the latest annual review of utility regulation and deregulation, published by the IEA in association with the London Business School. It contains a series of chapters from leading practitioners in the field which comment on the most significant and up-to-date developments.

Two viewpoints are presented on each issue: the first by a distinguished academic or industry expert and the second, a shorter comment, usually by the relevant regulator. Together they show how regulation and deregulation are evolving, and highlight the successes which have been achieved and the failures which must be overcome. The book will be of considerable value to practitioners, policymakers and academics involved in regulatory reform and regulatory economics. It will also be of interest to anyone wishing to gain an overview of international regulatory policies.


Introduction by Colin Robinson

1 The failure of good intentions: the collapse of American telecommunications after six years of deregulation by J. Gregory Sidak. Chairman's comments by David Edmonds

2 Road networks: efficiency, externalities and consumer choice by David Starkie.

Chairman's comments by Leonard Waverman

3 The Enterprise Act: pluses and minuses for competition policy by George Yarrow. Chairman's comments by Sir Derek Morris

4 Ofcom and light touch regulation by Martin Cave