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The IEA works collaboratively with a number of respected publishing houses, such as Edward Elgar and Palgrave Macmillan to co-publish books. This increases the breadth of our publication programme and ensures it reaches a wider audience.


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Colin Robinson. Foreword by Patrick Minford
11 Jun 2009

A major new biography of one of the founders of the IEA

James Tooley
3 Apr 2009

Professor James Tooley tells of his personal journey through the world of private education in the developed world

Philip Booth and John Meadowcroft
18 Mar 2009

A major new collection of classic IEA papers written by Nobel Laureates

Terry Miller and Kim Holmes
1 Mar 2009

The fifteenth edition of the Heritage Foundation's popular survey of economic liberty

John Spiers
15 Oct 2008

A new book on health care which advocates greater choice and competition to improve performance and patient care.

George Selgin. With a foreword by Charles Goodhart.
10 Aug 2008

A lively new book which explores a fascinating historical challenge to state control of money

Edited and with an Introduction by Colin Robinson
1 Apr 2008

A wonderful new book that brings together some of the best of Lord Harris written work

David Starkie
8 Mar 2008

A collection of articles which explore competition and regulatory issues in the aviation industry. Special Offer £15.00 (Normal Price £25.00)

Cento Veljanovski
4 Mar 2008

A non-technical introduction to the economics of law

Kim R Holmes, Edwin J Feulner and Mary Anastasia O'Grady
17 Jan 2008

The 2008 edition of this popular title.

Jesus Huerta de Soto
1 Jan 2008

One of the best single-volume introductions to the Austrian School of economics available

Edited by Colin Robinson
3 May 2007

The latest title in the popular annual series which surveys issues in the field of utility regulation and competition policy

Edited by Philip Booth
15 Mar 2007

A new hardback edition of this popular title

Tim Kane, Kim R Holmes and Mary Anastasia O'Grady
5 Feb 2007

This latest edition of this popular title contains a thoroughly revised methodology and has been produced in a new compact size

Edited by Colin Robinson
16 Apr 2006

The 2006 title in the IEA's annual series looking at the state of utility regulation and competition policy

2 Apr 2006

This major title explores a series of issues within comtemporary monetary policy.

Gordon Pepper with Michael Oliver
2 Oct 2005

buy now for £34.99

Edited by Colin Robinson
4 Jun 2005

The latest edition of the IEA's annual review of regulation of competition policy