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Our new magazine, EA – which we distribute to schools and universities throughout the UK – is now available for free download.

The second and latest edition tackles the issues of foreign aid, Scottish currency, the shadow economy amongst many other topical issues.


For Issue 1 (Summer 2013) click here.

For Issue 2 (Autumn 2013) click here.

To download the latest magazine (Spring 2014), click here.



Welcome to the spring edition - Prof. Philip Booth. Read the article here. 

Running on empty - Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Coyne. Read the article here. 

The French connection - Veronique de Rugy. Read the article here. 

The Big Chill: The staggering scale of the government debt iceberg - Jagadesh Gokhale and Prof. Philip Booth. Read the article here. 

India: Recipe for growth - Prof. Philip Booth. Read the article here.

The living wage - Prof. Stan Siebert. Read the article here.

QE and the rich - Tim Congdon. Read the article here. 

Campus -  Read the article here. 

Coase work - Dr Stephen Davies. Read the article here. 

Doing business: Singapore style - Steve Hanke. Read the article here.

Missing the point - Kristian Niemietz. Read the article