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Our new magazine, EA – which we distribute to schools and universities throughout the UK – is now available for free download.

The sixth and latest edition tackles the issues of inequality, net neutrality, and the state of the contemporary economic debate amongst many other topical issues.


For Issue 1 (Summer 2013) click here.

For Issue 2 (Autumn 2013) click here.

For Issue 3 (Spring 2014), click here.

For Issue 4 (Autumn 2014), click here. 

For Issue 5 (Spring 2015), click here.

To download the latest magazine (Autumn 2015), click here.



From the Editor - Philip Booth - Read here

Insight1: Clouding the Future - Fernando Herrera-Gonzalez - Read here

Rebuttal: In Good Hands? - Kristian Niemietz - Read here

Poverty Watch: The World is Becoming More Equal - Marian L. Tupy - Read here

Interview: Stephanie Flanders - Philip Booth - Read here

Foundations: Best Behaviour - Paul Ormerod - Read here

Precis: The Swede Smell of Success - Nima Sanandaji - Read here

Campus: Hitting the Road - Read here

City View: Money and the Great Recession - Tim Congdon - Read here

Briefing: Education and the Minimum Wage - Read here

Insight2: Square Peg, Round Hole - Philip Booth and Alberto Mingardi - Read here

Fads & Fallacies: High and Dry - Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Coyne - Read here

Outlook: Stagnations - Has Growth Gone for Good? - Brink Lindsey - Read here

Idealog: Best of the IEA Blog - Mikko Arevuo, Philip Booth and Christopher Snowdon - Read here

Reviewed: Living Economics (Peter Boettke) and The Failure of New Economics (Henry Hazlitt) - Read here

Soundbite: Education, Singapore and Advertising - James Tooley, Razeen Sally, Chris Snowdon - Read here


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