Economic Affairs (Vol 33.1)

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  • Introduction by J. R. Shackleton
  • Restoring Credible Economic Governance to the Eurozone by Bodo Herzog and Katja Hengstermann
  • Ethical Misconduct and the Global Financial Crisis by Elaine Sternberg
  • Were the Hartz Reforms Responsible for the Improved Performance of the German Labour Market? by Metin Akyol, Michael Neugart and Stefan Pichler
  • Why Developing Countries Have Failed to Increase Their Exports of Agricultural Processed Products by Sushil Mohan, Sangeeta Khorana and Homagni Choudhury
  • What Are the Lessons from Post-Communist Transitions? by Dalibor Roháč
  • What Was ‘New’ About Neoliberalism? by William Coleman
  • Do Private Prisons Really offer Savings Compared with their Public Counterparts? by Richard J. Kish and Amy F. Lipton
  • The Libertarian Character of the Islamic Economy by Ali Salman
  • Liberty and the Post-utilitarian Society by Gilles Saint-Paul
  • Friedman Versus Hayek on Private Outside Monies: New Evidence for the Debate by William J. Luther
  • Review article: Robert Frank's Call to Arms: Government to the Rescue? by James Hill
  • Book reviews

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