Economic Affairs (Vol 33.3)

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  • Introduction (page 287) by J.R. Shackleton
  • Secession in the European Union (pages 288-302) by Roland Vaubel
  • Credit Default Swaps: Risk Hedge or Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction?(pages 303–311) by Shalendra D. Sharma
  • The Return Of Centralised Energy Planning (pages 312–326) by Colin Robinson
  • The UK and the Eurozone: Sovereign Debt Management and Monetary Policy(pages 327–333) by G. R. Steele
  • The Scottish Enlightenment and Scottish Independence (pages 334–347) by Craig Smith
  • Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Icelandic and Irish Policy Responses to the Banking Crisis (pages 348–360) by David Howden
  • The Effectiveness of Delhi's Fire Safety Regulation Amidst Poverty, Ignorance, Corruption and Non-Compliance (pages 361–378) b