Eight years since The Orange Book (Volume 32.2)

Have the Liberal Democrats 'reclaimed liberalism'?

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Main articles

Eight years since The Orange Book: have the Liberal Democrats 'reclaimed' liberalism? by Thomas Papworth(editorial)?
Classical liberalism in the Liberal Party since 1886 by Stephen Davies
The Orange Book - turning right or changing gears? by Emma Sanderson-Nash
The Liberal Democrats and supply-side economics by Tim Leunig
The Orange Book, education and social mobility by Paul Marshall
The Orange Book: eight years on by David Laws 
The Orange Book, the Liberal Democrats and economic freedom by Thomas Papworth

Other articles

Fat taxes and other interventions won't cure obesity by Barrie M. Craven, Michael L. Marlow and Alden F. Shiers 
Prescription for conflict: why the alliance between the pharmaceutical industry and the anti-tobacco movement is not in the best interests of smokers by Patrick Basham and John C. Luik
Control rights (and wrongs) by Andrew G. Haldane
Comment on the 2011 Wincott Lecture, 'Control rights (and wrongs)' by Martin Wolf
Sir Waldron Smithers and the muddle of the Tory middle by Andrew Farrant and Nicola Tynan
Protectionism and property rights: Coasian bargaining and debt-for-nature swaps by Bradley K. Hobbs
What eludes international agreements on climate change? The economics of global public goods by S. Niggol Seo
The internalisation of environmental externalities affecting d