Financial Services Regulation (Volume 23.3)

Main articles on Financial Services Regulation, guest edited by Paul Klumpes. The sample article is on UK pensions regulation.

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Financial Services Regulation by Paul Klumpes

Competition Among Stakeholder Groups for Political Influence Over Business Regulation: the case of the UK pensions industry by Paul Klumpes

How to clear up the pensions mess by David Simpson

The regulation of life assurers in a low solvency environment: the UK experience by Chris O'Brien

Too much regualation by Geoffrey E. Wood

Who should regulate financial institutions? by Philip Booth

Other articles

More nonsense on stilts: Mr. Bentham is at it again by Anthony de Jasay

Anti-globalisation: bad wine in new bottles? by Andrew Ryder

The origins of liberty and the market: the work of Marjorie-Grice-Hutchinson (1909-2003) by Norman Barry

Simplyfying the taxation of pensions by Philip Booth and Deborah Cooper


In the City: Polititians picking losers by Tim Congdon

Education: 1993 and all that by James Tooley

Technology: Seattle a la playa? by Julian Morris

The Environment: Science anybody? by Roger Bate

Book reviews by;

Dennis O'Keeffe

Robert B