Macro Economic Management (Volume 19.1)

Main articles on Macro Economic Management, guest edited by Kent Matthews

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Main articles:

Macroeconomic management by Kent Matthews
From demand and management to monetary control, sustainable budgets and supply-side policy by Patrick Minford
Monetary targets: an unfinished experiment? Gordon Pepper and Michael J Oliver
Fashions and continuity in British fiscal policy by Tim Congdon
Keynesian economics in the twenty-first century by Robin Marris

Other articles:

Economic thought and the reform of the welfare state by Sir Alan Peacock
Ripping off Aunt Agatha: a decade of the Financial Services Act by Jimmy M. Hinchliffe
The political economy of capital punishment by Peter Wynarczyk
The international importance of low tax rates by Alan Reynolds


A 'credit crunch' in the United States? by Tim Congdon
The Government's plans for the family by David G. Green
Where Surrey goes James Tooley
Greens versus sovereignty by Roger Bate
A boost to demand from monetary policy will help growth by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book reviews:

Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford
Anna J Schwartz
Forrest Capie
David Parker
Elaine Sternberg
David Conway
Gerald Frost
John Whittaker
David Pyle
Cliff Pratten