Reforming the CAP (Volume 20.2)

Main articles on Reforming the CAP, guest edited by Linda Whetstone

Main articles

Reforming the CAP by Linda Whetstone (editorial)
The CAP: History and Attempts at Reform by Richard Howarth
Agricultural Incomes and the CAP by Berkeley Hill
Global Economic Effects of the EU Common Agricultural Policy by Brent Borrell & Lionel Hubbard
The CAP: Whence It Came, Where It Should Go by Sean Rickard
The Future of CAP? Problems and Proposals
The Failure of CAP Reform: A Public Choice Analysis

Other articles

Price-level targeting - the next objective for monetary policy? by Andrew Lilico (sample article)
Making water competition a reality by Alan Jones


Is inflation dead? by Tim Congdon
The General Medical Council: 100 years of medical trades unionism by David G. Green
Private Schools for the poor in India by James Tooley
Fossilising European farming by Roger B