The Future of Local Government (Volume 26.1)

Main articles on the future direction of local government, edited by John Meadowcroft

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Local government in the United Kingdom has never been less autonomous and less powerful than it is today. And this emasculation should be of concern to all liberals, for local autonomy makes possible the pluralism essential to a free society. This issue of Economic Affairs explores these debates, and includes discussions on the purpose, funding and future of local government.


Main articles

The future of local government by John Meadowcroft
Principles and Theories of Local Government by Peter A Watt
Facilitating choice in English local government by Stephen J Bailey
Modernising Local Government by Nirmala Rao
The failure of the Poll Tax and classical liberal political economy: lessons for the future by John Meadowcroft
A Local Sales Tax will set the town halls free by Douglas Carswell
The Private Finance Initiative in Local Government by Rob Ball and David King

Other Articles

Hayek, 'The Intellectuals and Socialism' and weighted scale-free networks by Paul Ormerod
Property rights and the general theory of exchange: frequently neglected implications of the division of labour and the law of comparative advantage by Manuel F Ayau
Planning by negotiation for sustainable development by Lawrence W C Lai and Frank T Lorne

Economic Viewpoints

Public choice theory, protectionism and the case of NAFTA by David Quartner
The political economy of overlapping jurisdictions and the French/Dutch rejection of the EU constitution by Jean-Luc Migue
Free trade, 'pauper labour' and prosperity - a reply to Professor Mishan by John Meadowcroft
A rejoinder to John Meadowcroft by E J Mishan


On average, Britons out-think the Pensions Commission by Tim Congdon
Trade negotiations or trade policy?[/i by Razeen SallySeldon's Charge by James StanfieldCan Iceland be a bridge over the Atlantic? by Roger BateThe re-nationalisation of Britain by John MeadowcroftBook Reviews

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