What future for the EU? (Volume 17.1)

Main articles on the direction in which the Union is moving and Britain's relationship with its Continental partners, edited by Brian Hindley

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Britain and Europe by Colin Robinson

Main Articles

Does British Economic Policy have a Future? by Brian Hindley

The Legal Framework of the EC Single Market by Martin Howe QC

Britain's Future in Europe: A Personal View by Victoria Curzon Price

The Importance of Being at the Margin by Roland Vaubel

The Future of Europe – and Britain's Economic Future in Europe: The Perspective of a Europe-Based Multinational by Donald Hepburn

The Ins and Outs of European Monetary Union: Some Public Policy Issues by Geoffrey E. Wood

Old Wine in New Bottles by Martin Wolf

The Impossibility of Accurate Macro-Economic Forecasting by Paul Ormerod

Business Ethics and the Free Market by Elaine Sternberg

Accounting for Crime by Stephen Shaw


In the City: The Coming Failure of EMU by Tim Congdon

Social Affairs: The Poor have not been getting Poorer by David G. Green

Education: Thoughts for Manifestos by James Tooley

The Environment: Genes, nuts and vaccines by Roger Bate

Fallacies: 'With Population Growth Continuing, it will be Harder and Harder to Find Jobs for Everyone' by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book Reviews