Governments, Competition and Utility Regulation

The latest edition of the IEA's annual review of regulation of competition policy

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Governments, Competition and Utility Regulation continues the series of annual books, published in association with the IEA and the London Business School, which critically reviews the state of utility regulation and competition policy. The book contains incisive chapters on competition policy and trade, antitrust and consumer welfare, merger control and efficiency, regulating the labour market, Ofcom and convergence, energy regulation and competition, regulating the London Underground, the future of water regulation and European merger control.

Chapters on each topic are followed by comments from regulators, competition authority chairmen and other experts in the relevant fields. The book provides analysis of and commentaries on the most significant developments in regulation and competition policy, drawing on experiences in Britain, United States and the European Union, as well as in international trade negotiations, It will be of value to practitioners, policymakers and academics who are concerned with regulation, deregulation and policies to promote competition.

Introduction by Colin Robinson
1 Competition policy and trade: the WTO after the Cancun meeting by Frederic Jeremy. Chairman's comments by Geoffrey Owen
2 Does antitrust policy improve consumer welfare? Assessing the evidence

by Robert W Crandall & Clifford Winston. Chairman's comments by David Arculus
3 Efficiencies in merger control by Jrissy Motis, Damien Neven and Paul Seabright. Chairman's comments by Sir John Vickers
4 Emissions trading: a market instrument for our times by Charles Nicolson.