Islam and the Free-Market Economy (Volume 29.2)

The importance of liberty, contracts and private property

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Main articles

Islam and the free-market economy (editorial) by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad
Applying North's laws of motion to the edge of the West by Saad Azmat
Muslim women and property rights by Azhar Aslam and Shaista Kazmi
Towards a synthesis of Islam and the market economy? The Justice and Development Party's economic reforms in Turkey by Mustafa Acar
A conflict of interest: Islamic home financing in America by Omar Nayeem, Mohamed Shiliwala and Wasim Shiliwala
Online free markets and entrepreneurship in the Muslim world by Mark Frazier and Shannon Ewing
The legal autonomy of the Dubai International Financial Centre: a scalable strategy for global free-market reforms by Michael Strong and Robert Himber

Other articles

The essence of the Austrian School by Jesus Huerta de Soto
New modes of monetary policy: quantitative easing by the Fed by Philipp Bagus and Markus H. Schiml
Market competition, community rating, risk equalisation and efficiency in health insurance - a case study by Sean D. Barrett
A few critical remarks on globalisation, democracy and spatiality by Piotr Zientara
Predicting the costs and benefits of mega-sporting events: misjudgement of Olympic proportions? (sample article) by Jonathan Barclay

Economic viewpoints

Sir Alan Walters' role in the revival of currency boards by John Greenwood
The future of the seabed by Russell Lewis
20 years after: the fall and rise of socialism in East Germany by Kristian Niemietz
The fatal error of Solvency II by Jesus Huerta de Soto
'Money means not money' - reflections on The Meaning of Money 1909-2009 by Arthur Edwards
The case against meliorism: veiled tragedies, or when cost-benefit analysis is in principle impossible by Joseph S. Fulda
Crass Keynesianism by G. R. Steele


Expropriation of the British banking sector by Tim Congdon
The end of the free-market revolution: causes and consequences by Razeen Sally
The profit motive in education by James Stanfield
Africa's problem: wrong gets it all right by Roger Bate

The Road to Serfdom, now more than ever by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

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