The Best Book on the Market: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Free Economy

Easy to read and accessible, this new book from Eamonn Butler explains how the free market works in the 'real world'

Price: £14.99

Ever wondered why rock stars are paid much more than nurses? Or whether we should worry about people trading in arms? This book answers these questions and more with real-world examples of how supply and demand work and how prices are determined.

If anyone can explain how markets work, it’s Dr Eamonn Butler. As Director of the influential Adam Smith Institute, he has spent three decades privatizing state industries and instructing governments round the world on market economics.

With degrees in Economics and Philosophy from St Andrews University, Dr Butler is superbly qualified on the mechanics and morals of markets, but his aim in the book is to make economics so simple that even politicians can understand it. And having worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, and within the Westminster village, he knows about politicians, too.

His highly readable introductions to great free-market thinkers including Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, and Nobel economists F A Hayek and Milton Friedman have won wide acclaim and have been translated into many languages.

'Vividly and simply explains the ABC of markets.' John Blundell, Director General, IEA

'I welcome this witty, lucid explanation of how entrepreneurs and business people make a positive contribution to our lives, and why economists often don't.