The Rotten State of Britain

A trenchant new book by Eamonn Butler decrying the state of Britain today. Special Offer £6.00, Normal Price £12.99

Price: £6.00

Normal Price £12.99, Special Price £6.00

Over-centralized government, a politicized civil service, a feeble Parliament and Cabinet, our rights eroded, bullying police and public officials, international isolation, a mountain of public and private debt, a proud country brought to its knees – that is how Will Hutton summed up the Thatcher/Major years in his 1995 book The State We're In. But now, all those things are in fact very much worse.

In The Rotten State of Britain, Dr Eamonn Butler draws on a decade of media stories about political sleaze, lying, spin, the stifling of free speec