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Philip Booth
1 Mar 2011

Christian Social Thought Series

Mark Pennington
24 Jan 2011

Classical Liberalism and the Future of Public Policy

Peter King
11 Jan 2010

An exploration of the 'Right to Buy' policy.

John Abbott and Heather MacTaggart
2 Dec 2009

A new book which explores how the current system of secondary education is not fit for purpose

S. Fred Singer and Dennis T Avery
25 Nov 2009

The international bestseller which suggests that global warming is a natural, cyclical phenomenon that has not been caused by human activities

Nigel Lawson
24 Nov 2009

The latest edition of Nigel Lawson's controversial bestseller which provides a trenchant critique of climate change policy

Jesus Huerta De Soto
15 Sep 2009

A new edition of this popular title, which is already a modern classic

Jean-Pierre Chauffour
3 Jun 2009

This new book makes the case that applying freedom in all its dimensions to international development is the only way to make real headway in alleviating poverty.

John P Calverley
13 Mar 2009

A timely new book exploring the consequences of the financial crash

David Parker and Sally Falk
10 Mar 2009

This is the first volume of a two volume set which details the history of the British privatisation programme.

Eamonn Butler
25 Feb 2009

A trenchant new book by Eamonn Butler decrying the state of Britain today. Special Offer £6.00, Normal Price £12.99

Elaine Sternberg
22 Feb 2009

Just Business' is a major publication exploring issues in business ethics and corporate governance

Adrian Thurnham
17 Jan 2009

This unusual new book explores how young people develop an understanding of money

John Kay
16 Jan 2009

An 'educated laymans' guide to investment and finance

Jesus Huerta De Soto
12 Nov 2008

A major new collection in the field of Austrian economics from the leading Spanish scholar Jesus Huerta De Soto

Tim Congdon
8 Aug 2008

A major contribution to the continuing debate on macro-economic policy making from one of the UK's leading scholars. New Paperback Edition.

Barry Bracewell-Milnes
12 Jun 2008

A rich and original new book which explores the nature and creation of wealth in modern economies

Dr Kim R Holmes
1 May 2008

Dr Kim Holmes makes a robust case for an assertive America to defend freedom and liberty

Alan D Morrison and William J Wilhelm Jr
19 Mar 2008

A fascinating look at the history and development of the investment banking industry

Eamonn Butler
10 Mar 2008

Easy to read and accessible, this new book from Eamonn Butler explains how the free market works in the 'real world'

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