Hayek, Currency Competition and European Monetary Union

Hard copies of this paper are no longer available for purchase.
In the 1999 IEA Hayek Memorial Lecture, reprinted in Occasional Paper 111, Otmar Issing, the eminent monetary economist and one of Europe's most influential central bankers, discusses currency competition and European Monetary Union.
Professor Issing argues that choosing a '..Hayekian discovery process as a route to monetary union' would have been too risky. However, the introduction of the euro has triggered '..a kind of Hayekian discovery process' which gives more scope for the private sector to 'enhance the quality of the medium-of-exchange and store-of-value functions of money.'

This Occasional Paper also includes commentaries by two other distinguished economists - Professors Lawrence H. White and Roland Vaubel - who criticise Professor Issing's views. There is then an Afterword by Issing.
2000, Occasional Papers 111, ISBN 0 255 36481 4, 61pp, PB

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