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Robert L. Bradley Jr.
17 Nov 2004

A robust examination and critique of statist solutions to energy and environmental problems.

Stephen Glaister and Daniel Graham
6 Nov 2004

A lucid investigation of the economic, environmental, practical and congestion effects of the adoption of road pricing

David Franklin
22 Sep 2004

In the 18th IEA Current Controversies paper, David Franklin offers a fresh analysis of the waste of taxpayers' money by government

David Henderson
27 Jul 2004

David Henderson examines the role and conduct of business today, against the background of changes over the last sixty years

Pedro Schwartz
9 Jul 2004

Professor Pedro Schwartz argues that the political implications of the UK joining the euro are more important than the economic implications

D. R. Myddelton
6 Jul 2004

Professor D R Myddelton argues that over-regulation of accounting is likely to lead to more bad practice and accounting scandals

22 Mar 2004

A survey of government performance across a range of indicators

Richard A. Epstein
1 Mar 2004

Richard A. Epstein explains how getting the 'easy questions' right may be more important than solving the 'hard questions'

John Blundell and Gerald Frost
26 Jan 2004

8th IEA Discussion Paper

Elaine Sternberg
12 Jan 2004

Dr Elaine Sternberg lucidly defines the purposes of corporate governance and analyses different models of corporate regulation.

Ia Senior
6 Jan 2004

A new research paper estimates that critics reviews benefited West End theatre by £19m in 2003 but that the impact of The Evening Standard was negative by nearly £2m.

Edited by James Tooley and James Stanfield
5 Dec 2003

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David Franklin
30 Sep 2003

17th in the series of IEA Current Controversies Paper

Philip Booth and David Currie (eds)
15 Aug 2003
Jonathan Djanogly
13 Aug 2003

With commentaries by Elaine Sternberg and Terry Arthur

Michael de Alessi
1 Jul 2003
John Merrifield
23 Jun 2003

8th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

David Franklin
8 May 2003

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Edited by Keith Boyfield
1 May 2003

Four authors examine the possibility of creating a market in take-off and landing slots at airports

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