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F A Hayek with Edwin J. Feulner. Introduction by John Blundell
1 Nov 2001

The Reader's Digest Condensed Version

Roger Bate Foreword by Keith Hartley
24 Sep 2001

The Role of the Anglers' Conservation Association in Protecting English and Welsh Rivers.

Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon
1 May 2001
Richard Tren and Roger Bate
1 May 2001

How the DDT ban has killed millions in developing countries

Brian Griffiths, Robert A. Sirico, Norman Barry & Frank Field
1 Apr 2001
David Henderson
1 Apr 2001

A wide ranging title which looks at the decline and subsequent revival of economic liberalism

Irwin M. Stelzer
10 Mar 2001

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James Tooley
1 Mar 2001

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Roger Scruton
1 Mar 2001
Colin Robinson (Ed.)
1 Feb 2001
John C. Hulsman
31 Jan 2001
1 Jan 2001

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Colin Robinson
1 Jan 2001

This paper examines the state of the regulated water and sewerage industry in England and Wales (hereafter the 'water industry') and, in particular, the respective roles of competition and regulation

Brian Hindley
1 Jan 2001

A Trade-Policy Perspective

Tom Steinberg
1 Jan 2001

Britain's Broadband market has some serious problems. This article is a response to this situation, and has three purposes

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