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Edited by Colin Robinson
2 Apr 2005

The sixth volume of The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon

Edited by Colin Robinson
1 Apr 2005

The seventh volume of The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon

Dennis O'Keeffe (editor)
29 Mar 2005

The moral case for the market economy

Guest edited by Fred Harrison
17 Mar 2005

Main articles are devoted to Self-funding Infrastructure, guest edited by Fred Harrison

Philip Booth & Deborah Cooper
17 Mar 2005

This book provides an analysis of the current problems of pension provision in the UK and a radical plan for reform.

John Blundell
6 Mar 2005

A new and expanded edition of this popular IEA book

Edited by Philip Booth
9 Feb 2005

In this, the IEA's fiftieth anniversary special, numerous commentators and IEA friends reflect on the prospects for liberty over the next fifty years

Edited by Professor Sir Alan Peacock
7 Feb 2005

Essential reading for all those interested in quality broadcasting in a competitive market environment

John Raybould
1 Feb 2005

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Frank Furedi
1 Feb 2005

Frank Furedi explains the essential contribution of intellectuals both to culture and to democracy.

Robert C. B. Miller
14 Jan 2005

The IEA's latest publication is essential reading for anybody interested in the so-called 'new economy'.

Professor Patrick Minford
1 Jan 2005

A review of the economic aspects of the UK’s relationship with the EU

John Corkindale
18 Dec 2004

John Corkindale argues for the privatisation of the land use planning system

James Tooley
15 Dec 2004
Guest edited by James Tooley and James Stanfield
14 Dec 2004

Main articles feature a symposium on 'Education for All' Through Privatisation?, guest edited by James Tooley and James Stanfield

Otmar Issing
14 Dec 2004

Professor Otmar Issing, a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, assesses the first five years of the euro's life.

Robert L. Bradley Jr.
17 Nov 2004

A robust examination and critique of statist solutions to energy and environmental problems.

Stephen Glaister and Daniel Graham
6 Nov 2004

A lucid investigation of the economic, environmental, practical and congestion effects of the adoption of road pricing

John Calverley
1 Oct 2004

A non-technical guide to the economics of boom and bust

David Franklin
22 Sep 2004

In the 18th IEA Current Controversies paper, David Franklin offers a fresh analysis of the waste of taxpayers' money by government