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Guest edited by D.R. Myddelton
24 Mar 2003

Main articles on Tax Reform and Simplification, guest edited by D.R. Myddelton

Andrew Crockett, Sir Adam Ridley, Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy and Sir Howard Davies
13 Mar 2003

6th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Philip Booth
27 Feb 2003

5th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Walter Elkan
26 Feb 2003

4th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Phillip Booth and Deborah Cooper
24 Jan 2003

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Joseph Porket
23 Jan 2003

3rd in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Guest edited by George Yarrow
17 Jan 2003

Main articles on Competition Policy, guest edited by George Yarrow

Wendell Cox
20 Nov 2002

Trends and Choices in Land Use Policy

J. R. Shackleton
15 Nov 2002

Professor Shackleton examines the role of employment tribunals and considers whether they can be justified in present day conditions

Professor Dennis O'Keeffe
1 Nov 2002

2nd in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Mark Pennington
18 Oct 2002

An Agenda for Private Land Use Control

Professor Stephen Littlechild
17 Oct 2002

1st in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Guest edited by Peter Wynarczyk
30 Sep 2002

Main articles on The Economics of Crime , guest edited by Peter Wynarczyk

With Tributes by John Blundell, James M. Buchanan, Meghnad Desai, James A. Dorn, Ralph Harris, Deepak Lal, Victoria Curzon Price, Razeen Sally, Parth Shah, Alan Walters and Basil Yamey
25 Sep 2002
Leszek Balcerowicz
16 Sep 2002

Lessons learnt during the transition from communism to liberal democracy in Eastern Europe

Patrick Minford
9 Sep 2002

the Chancellor's Five Tests Examined

Barry Bracewell-Milnes
30 Aug 2002

A comprehensive analysis of the failings of Inheritance Tax

Geoffrey E Wood
1 Aug 2002

A collection of short journal columns which refute some common economic fallacies.

Deepak Lal
22 Jul 2002

The latest edition of this classic text in development economics.

Guest edited by Claire Morgan
26 Jun 2002

Main articles on Culture and Economics, guest edited by Claire Morgan