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David Starkie
1 Nov 1999

This is a draft of a lecture given on Tuesday 16th November 1999 as part of the IEA's Regulation Lecture series organised by the late Michael Beesley of the London Business School. This is reproduced with the kind permission of David Starkie

Geoffrey Partington
1 Oct 1999
Guest edited by David G Green
1 Sep 1999

Main articles on The State of Welfare, guest edited by David G Green. Normal Price £5.00, Sale Price £1.00. The sample article is on the State Second Pension.

James Sheehan and Jeremy Rabkin
1 Jun 1999
Guest edited by Nicholas Finney
1 Jun 1999

Main articles on Reforming Dock Labour Schemes, guest edited by Nicholas Finney

Guest edited by Kent Matthews
1 Mar 1999

Main articles on Macro Economic Management, guest edited by Kent Matthews

Giuliano D'Auria, Nicola Tynan, Catherine Gillespie and Joseph Thomas
1 Mar 1999
Douglass C North
1 Mar 1999

Short introduction to the New Institutional Economics by Nobel laureate Douglass C North.

Thomas Lange
1 Dec 1998

This tightly argued paper asks two fundamental questions about the nature of higher education in this country. Does Britain provide too much higher education, and are the current funding mechanisms fair and efficient? Lange's answers to these questions are controversial, but make a timely contribution to this on-going debate.

Guest edited by John Hibbs
1 Dec 1998

Main articles on Road Pricing, guest edited by John Hibbs

F A Hayek
1 Oct 1998
Guest edited James Tooley
1 Sep 1998

Main articles on Higher Education After Dearing, guest edited James Tooley

Gerald F Gaull
1 Aug 1998

Viewed in a Cultural Framework

Michael 't Sas Rolfes
1 Aug 1998

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