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18 Oct 2011

Why neo-mercantilism is on the rise and why the principles of free trade must be defended

Peter Urwin
13 Oct 2011

How entrepreneurship will drive economic growth

James Gwartney, Robert Lawson, and Joshua Hall
20 Sep 2011

The latest edition of this annual report, published in association with the Institute of Economic Affairs

Kyn Aizlewood and Richard Wellings
19 Jul 2011

Challenging the economic case for this white elephant

Edited by Philip Booth
13 Jul 2011

Big steps to a smaller state

15 Jun 2011

How government failure is producing often counter-productive policy

Eamonn Butler
12 May 2011

A concise guide to the ideas and influence of the free-market economist

Gary S. Becker
13 Apr 2011

How the market could solve this most controversial of issues

31 Mar 2011

How the myths surrounding gambling prevent it being liberated for economic gain

Tim Worstall
18 Mar 2011

How the 'grassroots' movement has got it totally wrong

David B. Smith
16 Mar 2011

How our current system of high and complicated taxes are damaging economic growth

Philip Booth
1 Mar 2011

Christian Social Thought Series

Prof Philip Booth and Corin Taylor
23 Feb 2011

A look at how cutting non-means-tested benefits and reforming state pensions could save £16bn a year

Mark Pennington
24 Jan 2011

Classical Liberalism and the Future of Public Policy

Kristian Niemietz
20 Jan 2011

A ground-breaking study on the measurement of poverty

Terry Miller and Kim R Holmes
12 Jan 2011

The seventeenth edition of the Heritage Foundation's popular survey of economic liberty

Gabriel H. Sahlgren
15 Dec 2010

An analysis of how the profit motive drove competition and therefore improvements in the Swedish education system

Kristian Niemietz
12 Nov 2010

Radical solutions need to be sought to get people off welfare and back into work

Sushil Mohan
4 Nov 2010

A Dispassionate Economic Analysis of 'Fair Trade'

25 Oct 2010

How state-funded NGOs are corrupting the political process in developing countries