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Tim Congdon
26 Mar 2009

The Bank of England should be privatised

David Parker
19 Mar 2009

PPPs may offer poor value for money

Philip Booth and John Meadowcroft
18 Mar 2009

A major new collection of classic IEA papers written by Nobel Laureates

John P Calverley
13 Mar 2009

A timely new book exploring the consequences of the financial crash

Samuel Smiles
12 Mar 2009

A condensed version of the 19th-century classic

David Parker and Sally Falk
10 Mar 2009

This is the first volume of a two volume set which details the history of the British privatisation programme.

Lawrence H. White
9 Mar 2009

This classic text has recently been bought back into print

Gordon Pepper
4 Mar 2009

How to cure debt-deflation

Terry Miller and Kim Holmes
1 Mar 2009

The fifteenth edition of the Heritage Foundation's popular survey of economic liberty

Eamonn Butler
25 Feb 2009

A trenchant new book by Eamonn Butler decrying the state of Britain today. Special Offer £6.00, Normal Price £12.99

Elaine Sternberg
22 Feb 2009

Just Business' is a major publication exploring issues in business ethics and corporate governance

Piotr Zientara
5 Feb 2009

Liberalisation and political reform are needed in the poorest parts of the EU

Adrian Thurnham
17 Jan 2009

This unusual new book explores how young people develop an understanding of money

John Kay
16 Jan 2009

An 'educated laymans' guide to investment and finance

Tim Evans and Helen Evans
30 Dec 2008

Main articles on government healthcare provision in different countries

Philip Booth et al
5 Dec 2008

State intervention has had catastrophic effects

John S. Heywood and W. Stanley Siebert
30 Nov 2008

Why is retirement so abrupt?

Nick Silver
26 Nov 2008

Author calculates government debt at 276% of GDP

Jesus Huerta De Soto
12 Nov 2008

A major new collection in the field of Austrian economics from the leading Spanish scholar Jesus Huerta De Soto

Gerald Frost
10 Nov 2008

Condensed version of the biography of the IEA's founder