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Nigel Lawson
24 Nov 2009

The latest edition of Nigel Lawson's controversial bestseller which provides a trenchant critique of climate change policy

Alison Wolf
3 Nov 2009

Reform can save money and improve outcomes

Geoffrey Wood
24 Sep 2009

How can future economic crises be avoided?

Jesus Huerta De Soto
15 Sep 2009

A new edition of this popular title, which is already a modern classic

Charles K. Rowley and Nathaniel Smith
7 Sep 2009

Obama is repeating the mistakes of the Great Depression

Sir Cyril Taylor GBE
25 Jun 2009

An expert analysis of higher education policy

Ibad-ad-Dean Ahmad
25 Jun 2009

The importance of liberty, contracts and private property

Colin Robinson. Foreword by Patrick Minford
11 Jun 2009

A major new biography of one of the founders of the IEA

David B. Smith
10 Jun 2009

A Historic Perspective on the 2009 Budget forecasts

Jean-Pierre Chauffour
3 Jun 2009

This new book makes the case that applying freedom in all its dimensions to international development is the only way to make real headway in alleviating poverty.

Roland Vaubel
2 Jun 2009

A groundbreaking analysis of EU centralisation

Edited by Philip Booth
12 May 2009

A major new publication which challenges the myths and conventional wisdom regarding the recent banking crash

S C Littlechild
5 May 2009

An IEA classic from the 1970s, Stephen Littlechild offers an introduction to the 'Austrian School'

Robert Rosenbleeth
22 Apr 2009

Free-market blog and think-tank responses to the crash of 2008

F. A. Hayek
14 Apr 2009

A new edition of this Hayek classic. Available as a free download or a hardcopy

James Tooley
3 Apr 2009

Professor James Tooley tells of his personal journey through the world of private education in the developed world

Tyler Cowen and David Parker
27 Mar 2009

This is now unavailable for purchase

A grounbreaking title from the mid-1990s which explores the extent to which market principles can be applied within firms

Tim Congdon
26 Mar 2009

The Bank of England should be privatised

David Parker
19 Mar 2009

PPPs may offer poor value for money

Philip Booth and John Meadowcroft
18 Mar 2009

A major new collection of classic IEA papers written by Nobel Laureates