SMPC minutes


1 Nov 2010

SMPC votes 5/4 to hold rate at 0.5%

4 Oct 2010

SMPC votes to hold central bank rates at 0.5%

7 Sep 2010

SMPC votes to hold central bank rates at 0.5%

2 Aug 2010

Particular concern was expressed about the outlook for the US economy in 2011

7 Jul 2010

Members concerned about aspects of the emergency budget

8 Jun 2010

SMPC votes five to four to leave interest rates unchanged

4 May 2010

SMPC also worried about fiscal crisis - members call for a new Medium Term Financial Strategy

8 Apr 2010

SMPC split on approach to QE but want interest rates to stay at 0.5%

2 Mar 2010

SMPC votes six to three against an increase in interest rates against grim fiscal background

2 Feb 2010

SMPC divided on QE but united in serious concerns about government fiscal policy.

8 Dec 2009

SMPC members want to continue QE but warn of serious problems

3 Nov 2009

Majority vote for QE extension but reservations expressed by some members

5 Oct 2009

SMPC majority argue for continued low interest and for QE to continue

7 Sep 2009

No major change to current policy required

3 Aug 2009

Bank rate should be held at 0.5%

1 Jul 2009

Keep bank rate the same and continue with QE, argue SMPC

4 May 2009

SMPC members call upon Bank of England to explain its exit strategy

5 Apr 2009

Quantitative easing should be pursued for now but should be rapidly unwound when necessary

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