SMPC minutes


6 Mar 2006

SMPC votes to lower interest rates by five votes to four

6 Feb 2006

SMPC voted by six votes to three not to reduce interest rates this month

9 Jan 2006

SMPC voted by six to three not to raise rates this month

4 Dec 2005

SMPC voted seven to two not to increase interest rates this month

7 Nov 2005

SMPC votes seven to two to hold rates

3 Oct 2005

SMPC Votes six to three to hold rates

5 Sep 2005

SMPC votes six to three in favour of holding interest rates

30 Apr 2005

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7 Feb 2005

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1 Nov 2004

SMPC voted narrowly by five votes to four to hold interest rates at its October meeting

27 Jul 2004

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27 Apr 2004

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20 Jan 2004

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28 Oct 2003

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23 Jul 2003

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16 Apr 2003

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16 Jan 2003

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17 Oct 2002

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18 Jul 2002

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