Student societies and connections

As part of our mission the IEA looks to support and sustain student societies and organisations that share our goal of spreading, developing, and exploring the ideas of liberty, individualism and a free economy. If you are a student or academic and interested in these ideas and in meeting and working with others who share your interests and commitment, or are just curious and want to find out more, here are organisations and connections that you might be interested in.

National and International Organisations

  • UK Freedom Forum – a UK-wide annual three day event sponsored and supported by the IEA and the TFA run by the Liberty League.
  • Freedom Week – a week-long academic seminar held every year in July at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Sponsored by the IEA and the Adam Smith Institute.
  • The Liberty League – an organisation that hosts events and networks those in their 20s interested in promoting liberty.  
  • The Freedom Association – a national UK pressure group that campaigns on a range of issues and has sponsored societies at several UK universities.
  • Independent Seminar on the Open Society – a one-day seminar for sixth-formers, held in London in the Winter and Spring each year by the Adam Smith Institute.
  • Students for Liberty – a nationwide American organisation with international outreach with a mission  "to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and student organisations dedicated to liberty."
  • Young Americans for Liberty – another nationwide organization with many campus branches, also has a high school presence.
  • Institute of Economic Studies Europe – based in Aix-en-Provence, IES holds three seminars for university students every Summer, as well as the Summer University in Aix.
  • Institute for Humane Studies - an American organisation that runs educational seminars, helps to fund young people pursuing a career in ideas as well as providing mentoring, support and training, and administers the Koch Summer Fellows Program.
  • Münchner Libertarier - A Munich-based libertarian group, meeting every two weeks to discuss a range of themes, chief among them Austrian economics.


Local University Organisations and Societies

If there is no society near you or at your University or College and you would like to set one up or if you would like help in holding an event, please contact Steve Davies, IEA Education Director.

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