The IEA runs a number of events and activities specifically aimed at those who are studying either at sixth-form or university, as well as helping students network with like-minded individuals, we also provide many resources to help teachers.

The IEA is concerned with ideas and their impact on society. All that we do is shaped and driven by the conviction that ideas matter and that it is by shaping the climate of opinion and winning the intellectual debate that one can have the most long-lasting and profound effect on public policy and the development of society. That is why the IEA has always had a great interest in the people who produce and spread ideas – the business-people, journalists, artists, culture-leaders, politicians and teachers of the future.

We provide a range of activities and resources aimed at teachers to help enable them to work with their students examining free-market ideas. These materials and events introduce the idea of economic liberty and limited government and provide insights and information that will also be useful in the teaching and studying of the pre-university syllabus.

We also work directly with students themselves. As well as holding regular events the IEA is also engaged in providing support for university and further education students who are interested in exploring these ideas further and in engaging in argument and debate. To this end, we also run specific student events and internship programmes, as well as supporting student societies and producing publications that are specifically tailored for this audience. To find out about upcoming events the IEA is holding, join up to receive our free e-newsletter.

Invest in the IEA. We are the catalyst for changing consensus and influencing public debate.

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