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The IEA has a long history of providing assistance and events for students of A Level Economics and their teachers. We have now expanded this part of our programmes and we are looking to further develop it in the future.

We have a substantial events programme, hosting over 100 events a year. Students and teachers are very welcome to attend all our public events, but the IEA also holds special events designed specifically for students and teachers of A-level economics.

These events are intended to introduce students to the ideas at the heart of the IEA’s mission, to increase their understanding of them, and to encourage intellectual debate and discussion in a friendly and welcoming environment. As well as featuring IEA staff, events often involve lectures, presentations and discussion by leading scholars and figures from the worlds of economics, politics and the media

A-level/IB Teacher Seminars:

The IEA runs an annual program of three, one-day seminars for teachers of A-level and IB economics. These are held at the IEA offices in London. Each session follows a current key theme in the international economics discussion, and seminars are led by top economists and academics. The next of these seminars is taking place on Wednesday 2nd November. Please email Christiana Hambro at chambro@iea.org.uk to reserve your place. 

Sixth Form Student Conferences: 

We run regular Regional Sixth Form Student Conferences in partnership with schools all over the country. These events are intended for both A Level Students and their teachers and are run throughout the year. We are holding over 20 of these conferences at schools around the country over the next twelve months with more already planned for after then. If you are not receiving details of these in our regular mailings to schools then please contact Christiana Hambro at chambro@iea.org.uk to be added to our database.

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