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The IEA has an extensive research programme producing work in a wide variety of formats, from policy papers to peer-reviewed monographs. A number of our publications are of particular interest to students and teachers. 


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James Tooley
15 Dec 2004
David Henderson
27 Jul 2004

David Henderson examines the role and conduct of business today, against the background of changes over the last sixty years

Edited by James Tooley and James Stanfield
5 Dec 2003

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Geoffrey E Wood
1 Aug 2002

A collection of short journal columns which refute some common economic fallacies.

Introduction by Norman Barry
2 Jan 2002
Dick Atkinson
19 Nov 1997

In this challenging paper Dr Dick Atkinson asks why local education authorities are needed. Finding reasons lacking, he puts forward a proposal for all schools to be self-governing and thereby removed from the debilitating effects of politicised education.

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